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    I am new here and posted a question earlier. After that I tried using native footage straight from my HD camcorder, again a quality dip when editing. I also noticed that adobe premiere seems to have changed the frame rate from 25 to 29 and height and width, could anyone advise whether that's normal or possibly an issue and if so, what I can do about it.


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    What version of Premiere are you using?

    Premiere will only change settings of your video if you ask it to, and there are two places where this can happen: on the timeline (the sequence type you select) and on export (the template you select). When first creating the project or sequence, you should match the settings to your video, for example AVCHD @ 25p. For AVCHD footage, you may notice a dip in quality whilst editing, as the preview reduces quality to enable smooth playback. This is NOT the quality of your actual video.
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    About converting camcorder footage: Here's what I've learned (I think): the problem is in converting interlaced mode to progressive mode. I had shot 1920x1080 clips on my Vixia that played beautifully on a HDTV monitor, but when I imported them and converted them to MOV (Quicktime) on my Mac, no matter what software I used, the resulting files seemed to have lost quality. They were not as sharp and clear as on the HDTV screen. I tried converting with FCPX, Premiere CS6, Quicktime Player Pro, and other software--no difference; always saw loss of quality. Here is what I think the problem is: Shooting interlaced. The Vixia--and I think some other camcorders too--shoots in interlaced fashion. It produces clips in AVCHD video format, packaged in MTS file format. (MTS means mpeg2 transport system, I think). For the computer screen, the video must be in progressive mode rather than interlaced. I think that is where the loss of quality occurs: converting from interlaced to progressive. Wikipedia has some good stuff on "de-interlacing" which can be found easily. My conclusion is that I can't do anything with the Vixia's intlerlaced files except produce Blu-ray or other media that can be played on a TV. For playing on a computer or uploading to websites for others to play on their computers, I have to shoot initially in progressive mode--and MOV file format is, for me, the easiest to use. That means using a different camera. --I hope this is helpful. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

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    You have a frame rate conflict for starters. You need to do one of two things:

    1) Tell premiere pro that you want a 1080/25p sequence (do this when you're manually creating the sequence)
    2) Tell premiere pro to set the sequence type based on the first clip

    Once you do these then your frame rate should be 25 and not 29 and you should not see any change in aspect ratio either.

    Also, playback is likely to be reduced quality if Premiere Pro is having trouble playing without dropping frames. It will dynamically drop to half or quarter resolution unless you tell it otherwise. This is not a problem though because it comes back to full res when you pause and is also full res when you export.

    Try this then comeback and tell us if this fixed it all or if there are still some problems remaining.

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