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Thread: Copying vhs tapes to hdd

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    Default Copying vhs tapes to hdd

    I have been looking into buying a capture card so i can plug in my aging video recorder and copy some of my old videos to dvd. I have several tapes of family outings and thought it would be nice to re-edit them properly with a menu onto dvd.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance

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    It entirely depends on your budget.

    1) Use a TV capture card (cheap, cheerful)
    2) Use a VIVO graphics card (you may already have one)
    3) Get a analogue to digital convertor.
    4) Get a standalone DVD recorder (probably the "cheapest" option)

    So, what's your budget?

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    I was looking at the tv capture card as i would like to use it for recording the odd tv program. I have seen cards that give you freeview which would be a bonus. Do all tv cards enable you to plug in items such as a video recorded?
    What are the best makes hardware and software for tv cards?
    Thanks in advance

    P.S. my budget is around the 100 mark
    P.P.S what is a VIVO graphics card?

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    vivo is video in/video out built into your normal (usually AGP) graphics card. Quality is variable on these, but some are very good.

    Not all Freeview cards let you plug in anything but an aerial feed for the digital tv. Mine (twinhan/visionplus mini-ter) is an excellent freeview card, but that's all it does. As it happens, this box has that freeview card, firewire, an analogue tv tuner with composite and svideo, AND my video card has composite/svideo vivo, so i'm not short of ways to get video into this pc.

    For 100 you'll be able to get a freeview card that will have composite/svideo in. That's your best bet if you're interested in both. I can't comment on the quality, mind you. It MIGHT be worth your while to buy a decent freeview card as well as another card that will facilitate analogue capture, separately, just in case you want to capture both analogue and digital simultaneously. I don't know if you CAN use both tuners on one of these cards at the same time.
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