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    Hello,I'm kind of new to video editing but I'm teaching my self as i go on but recently I've come across a problem that i cant seem to fix my self so i was hoping someone on here might be able to help me out. The problem i have is I've got a video of a car on a dyno and doing fly-by's and i want to blur out the number plate which i have managed to do no problem but at the very start of the clip after its faded out and into the next clip the number plate is still clearly seen and i can't seem to blur it out although the blur is set to start from the beginning of the clip and the same also happens towards the end of the clip which is really annoying! Is there anyway i can fix this? If there is please help me I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 11.


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    Perhaps try opening that one video file in a completely separate project. Apply the blur effect but DO NOT apply the fade. Then render that project out as the same file type as your oringal footage. I would then import that rendered file into your oringal project that you are working on. Now replace your old non-blurred footage with your new pre-blurred footage. This means that any effects added to the video clip will not effect your blur (as it is basically hard coded into the video file). Make sense? If not shout at me

    John Barker

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    You've missed out some rather crucial information - how have you blurred the number plate?
    I'll assume you have duplicated the track and used either a cookie cutter or a mask on the upper track to allow through only the number plate and then you have applied a blur FX of some kind.

    John's approach above works, but requires an intermediate render.

    You could achieve the same using nested projects (ie create a project that includes the blurred footage without the fades), but I'd do it one of these ways which work on the main project's timeline.
    Both require making the two track child tracks of another.

    Option 1
    Track 1 - nothing, but add a compositing envelope (right click on the track header | Insert/Remove envelope | Composite level
    Track 2 - your blurred "cookie" or masked area
    Track 3 - your unblurred version

    Make tracks 2 and 3 child tracks of track 1
    Use the composite envelope on track one for the fading. When the envelope is in the middle, the images in tracks 2 & 3 are at 100%, as you move the envelope up, it fades to the top fade colour (default = white), as you move it down, it fades to the bottom fade colour (default black). So to reate a fade in from black, just stick a point at the beginning, dragged right down and another point in the middle of the track where you want the fade to end.

    However, the drawback with this method is it only works for fading to/from one colour. No use if you want the composited track to fade in over another image (eg titles, other video etc) so I prefer

    Option 2
    Track 1 contains a white solid colour
    Track 2 - your blurred "cookie" or masked area
    Track 3 - your unblurred version

    Make tracks 2 and 3 child tracks of track 1

    Now, make the compsiting mode of track 1 (green icon to the immediate right of Level in the track header) to "Multipy (Mask)"
    Now control your fade in and fade out for the composite, purely by fading in and out track 1.

    If you put additional media on track 4, you will see that the fade happens exactly as if you were dealing with just the one track.

    I find this method a particularly intuitive way of working with composites. the Multiply (Mask) mode has oftend dug me out of trouble.
    Clever, isn't it?

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