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    I am an Athletic coach and spend too much time editing video so I decided I was going to use a screen capture software and just play the video on a media player. This way I can stop and rewind the video live use the mouse pointer to point out locations on the video I want to draw peopleís attention to as well as do voice over. Basically I can talk through the video as though I was working through it with the team, I can almost edit the video in as much time as it takes me to watch it using this method. This saves hours and days in a busy season as I would not have to cut and paste clips over and over again just to go back and watch it again. The last thing I need to do it put the video on line but in a way that only the student athletes on the team can access them. The school has academic gmail accounts so YouTube has worked okay to this point as they can log onto YouTube with their school email and then see my videos but it is not great for structuring the video library. The biggest problem I currently have is not the frame by frame quality but the frame rate. By the time I get it on YouTube the videos are too choppy to serve their purpose so hear is my list of questions. If anyone can help I am all ears, my budget is limited to around $1500 (It is not a D1 Football Team) but the less I have to spend the better.

    1. I like the camera I currently use and it is great in the rain. But if its file format is out dated or not a great quality I am willing to upgrade but I would like a semi water proof camera that does not require a housing as they fog up and are just annoying. (Sanyo-VPC-WH1-Definition-Waterproof-Camcorder)
    2. Some times in practice I am recording individual skills versus team play so the camera needs to be held in hand vs on a tripod so if newer cameras have improved video stabilization software as well that is an area I am looking to improve on.
    3. When I watch the video on my computer I use UMPlayer, are all media player the same or do some cut frame rates. What media players keep the best quality in frames and frame rate?
    4. This is where I think the biggest problem is happening while I record my computer screen ( with a video playing on UMPlayer) and voice over no matter what screen capture software I seem to use the video quality drops drastically to the point at which the video of high speed athletics become worthless for analysis, it is always to choppy, basically the frame rate stinks. I assume this is where I need to spend the most money. What would you recommend as the best quality screen capture software. I really donít care about their editing suit as that is what I am trying to get away from.
    5. I also feel I am losing some quality when the screen capture video goes to YouTube but not as much as the screen capture. I think I might want to look into using itunes U but is there any other free video storage place where I can have them have to log on to watch the video with their school email and password? Uploading is always slow as well with Youtube but as uploading bandwidth is always an issue I think I am facing a losing battle with this one.
    6. Last I really believe I lose the most quality in the last two questions but could it be a computer hardware or software limitation thing as well? I am currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with a AMD Phenom 2 X4 830 2.8 GHz Processor with 8GB of RAM.

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    I do not understand the preference of using screen capture software instead of a standard video editing application, such as Sony's Vegas or Adobe's Premiere; where such things as cut/copy/paste and doing voice-overs may be easier.

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