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Thread: DV500 Upgrade?

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    Default DV500 Upgrade?

    Hi, I've got a DV500 operating on an asus a7n8e-x deluxe board. Win XP. 2.4 amd cpu.
    I'd like to get the most out of this board before if I can. Could you tell me what other software is available? Pluggins etc. I'd like to play around with special effects. has any one upgraded to the DV500+? And does the Liquid software work with this card? I really don't know weather to go out and buy titledecko and impressions and hollywood copper I thin it is or the DV500 + upgrade itself. Is there a big difference???? What about the liquid?? I take it that this wouldn't work with the DV500 card???

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    Liquids good. What is it you are using at the mo with the dv500? adobe? I dont think the new version of liquid would work with the dv500 board as it just gets it power from the cpu and graphics card. If you were changing to liquid you would probably have to change your graphics card for it to work with it. Also if you go to liquid pro you get the breakout box as well!

    Full Specs: 3.2 Pentium 4 Processor, 1Gb RAM 80Gb Root Drive, 120Gb Video Drive + another 160Gb external, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle liquid edition pro, ati radion 256mb

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    Its adobe premmierre 6 at the moment. I'm about to install the Matrox P650 graphics card which may improve the 'stickiness' I'm experiencing with the performance of the DV500.
    If the dv500 card isn't up to the liquid software as you say what would be the best option do you think? Is it possible to purchase the rest of the dv500 plus upgrade seperately. Title decko I think it is and hollywood copper and impressions etc are included in the plus upgrade, unfortunately so are Premiere and the breakout box, both of which I have. I'm not penny pinching here its just I'm reluctant to pay out for an upgrade for an old card when perhaps I should invest in a completely new card.


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