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    I am new here but I am looking for feedback on a video I am entering in a technology event. The goal is to make a video that highlights your school's involvement with the American Cancer Society. My video can be found at Community Service Video 2013 - YouTube.
    The videos are rated based on all common aspects in videomaking such as lighting, stabilization, and video resolution.

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    Not a bad effort. The audio is the main thing that lets this down. The initial voice over sounded quite poor and there was a lot of background noise in the interview. It's not easy to mix stills and videos together, it usually doesn't work the photo at the end were ok but the ones in the middle weren't right. Some of the captions were a bit over the top but that is a minor thing.

    The over all piece communicated the day well and it looked like a great result raising all that money. Well done.

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    Thanks for your feedback. For the interview, I tried using a stationary noise reduction on cyber link power director which is the program I am using. I could also record a voice over and replace it with the one for the interview, but I am worried it might sound out of place. What would you recommend to fix that? For the initial voice over, what aspect should I fix or should I rerecord it?

    Also, are you referring to the photo with the text our 6th 7th and 8th grade teachers getting pied as the one that doesn't mix?

    Thanks again for your feedback and time

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    I think the voice over audio should be re-recorded, if that's not possible try and balance out the audio so the voice isn't too quiet compared to the music track. The stills, as you mentioned above and the other one around 1:45.

    The stills at the end are ok but it might be nice to have a bit of music as we see them.

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    I would agree that stills unusally look out of place mixed in with video, but I didn't find it so in this case. I saw these as "title pages", designed to support the textual titles, so it seemed totally appropriate to me - especially as the text itself was animated. Having said that, it is a bit of a dated method (TV programs are more likely to use video with minimal movement for "chapter headings" nowadays) and I probably wouldn't choose to use stills myself for this purpose.

    The effects and different types of text can be great fun, but if you want to make your next porduction look a bit more professional, calm them down a bit. Select two or three typefaces only (one for main headings, one for sub-headings (3-8 words) and another if you want to display loads of text. These could even be simply didfferent sizes of the same typeface.

    Similarly stick to just one or two animation effects on text and use them consistently. Ditto fancy transitions.

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    Hi, although only a beginner myself I think you should use a seperate mic to interview etc ... with a wind shield. And balance the audio levels of each clip in your editing program better. The stills weren't to much of an issue to me. But the whole piece came across as a little jerky and disjointed. As said above calm down the transistions. It will help a lot.

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