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Thread: A tutorial I made for video editing

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    Lightbulb A tutorial I made for video editing

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    Well done for having a go, but ...

    You cover some important techniques, but the video demonstrates them appallingly.
    If you edit videos, then at least edit the "how to". If you don't show a reasonably slick "how to", no-one is going to take your instructions seriously.
    Cut out that "sorry I got that wrong" stuff and just show the correct stuff (you do know how to edit, after all!)
    If you are going to show software in a tutorial it must be legible. It was impossible to read any of the screen here.
    There are reasons for using pan and crop and there are reasons for using track motion. Just saying "I prefer" implies they are used for similar aspects. They are not. Broadly Pan and Crop is used to select certain parts of an image only (and if you are zooming in always use pan and crop rather than track motion). Track motion is best for positioning.

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