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Thread: Playback restarting at playhead - grr

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    Default Playback restarting at playhead - grr

    Hi all,
    Sorry to make my first post a probably quite simple question.

    As of booting up today Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 has developed the habit of restarting playback at the playhead when I click on another point in the timeline. Additionally the loop region now appears dark blue (I assume this is related). Previously when I clicked the playhead to another point playback would continue 'til I hit SPACE. This was the case last time I used the software on 6/6/13

    I'd gotten used to the previous settings and now have to worry about playback starting at a new point if I'm impatient to get the playback for the next section of my edit I want to check out. I've reset preferences to default to try sort it but to no avail.

    Anyone got a solution?
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    can't quite figure out on the basis of your post if it's the Loop Playback button and/or Play/Pause vs Play/Stop (Prefs.), but read "Transport Controls" in online Help/Index (F1).
    There you probably find the solution.

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