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    Hi guys I created a YT channel about a game called Dota 2 ...
    Here is a example of one of my videos: Dota 2 Pudge - Keep them coming - YouTube
    , I'm not happy with the quality the video is exported with (was using sony vegas) ,after that tried After Effect (the quality was HD) but the size was 5g, 1min of my video....I think that's to much.
    Any help with rendering settings for SVegas or AEffects that could make my video look like this:
    Dota 2 Top 10 Weekly - Ep. 61 - YouTube

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    Render at Vegas at .MP4 full HD (1080) and 30P. This is the highest quality you can get from YT after uploading, so there's no reason to render with more if YT is the only final destination! Did you check if you were watching at HD???? YT usually sets the streaming at 360 or 480, so the video looks worse than usual on your screen.
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