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Thread: Basic cutting of AVCHD clips

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    I am new to this forum, and am preparing some educational videos. The library is now building up a lot of very disparate clips collected at different times. The camera uses AVCHD format and the editing suite is also using AVCHD. There is a lot of 'top-and-tail 'dross' that is taking up serious disc space in the library that I would love to be able to do simple cuts on, whilst retaining the AVCHD format. Is there any reliable, easy-to-use software that will simply allow me to cut and remove sections at beginning and end of a clip, and return the clip to my PC Video library still in AVCHD format? If not, any other suggestions, or am I missing the obvious. I can find basic cutting programmes but they all convert away from AVCHD.

    Michael J.

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    Try a piece of software called VideoRedo. It might be just right for you.

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    SolveigMM Video Splitter is another lossless editor for AVC/H.264 video

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