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Thread: TrueReelzTV - E01 (LiveShow)

  1. Cool TrueReelzTV - E01 (LiveShow)

    The first episode of our new live streaming show, TrueReelzTV, is now online!

    A show about filmmaking hosted by filmmakers!
    Let us know in the comments what you think and please subscribe if you like.
    Ruan Lotter: @ruanlotter
    Martin Venter: @martinventer1

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    I wish you'd applied just a tiny bit of the production values you applied to "Why Are You Doing This".
    You promote this as "A show about filmmaking hosted by filmmakers!" but ...

    after a fairly lengthy intro we eventiually get to you two whose first words are totally distorted due to clipping. No-one is going to take anyting you have to say about filmmaking seriously if you make this basic error. You then proceeded to tell us that cxoming up we had an interview with an actress that most of us will not have heard of followed by some "surprises". As we don't know what to expect, this being a first edition, nothing will surprise us. You the give us your twitter accounts - as if we care.

    It is 1:40 before we get any content. How many videos do you watch on YouTube that you'll bother waiting for 1:40 before anything useful happens?

    I respectfully suggest you've got it the wrong way round. You have about 10 secs to stop people clicking on something else, wait until they are interested before wasting precious screen time of titles and contact details.

    This was such a dreadful attempt at marketing i fully expected your content to be really amateur. Imagine my surparise (so you DID achieve that ) when the content was the film we have already praised here. I couln't belive this was mde by the same people making this "show".

    At least the interview was well recorded,. even if I had to hike up the audio a lot to hear what she was saying.

    The behind the scenes stuff might have been interesting, but it all seemed rather unstructured - like it was included for the benefit of thiose involved i the film rather than so that other film makers could make use of it.

    Sorry, but as we are well aware you have the ability required, you need to up your game if you're going to make a show that I will follow.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the lengthy feedback - we do appreciate comments etc to make the show better!

    Please note that this is a show that is recorded 100% live (with obviously pre-recorded material) but with that said, we will obviously try and better the content.

    Thanks for watching and I hope that you give the show another try when episode 2 is online.

    Kind regards,

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    I'm sure you will take heed of Tim's comments. I should imagine it's very difficult doing a live show. I'm not sure of the benefits of doing a weekly live show and not pre-recording it. If it's just to see if you could do it then fine. As a presenter the best tip I can give you is to try and be interested and not interesting. If you can master that aspect you will come across a lot better.

    Also, I'm not sure of your set up or what preparations you did. I would think you probably dealt with all the technical side of things like adding the pre recorded VT etc. You had some lighting which may have looked ok but the over exposure spoilt it. I would recommend some rehearsals before the next show as this will help you both to know what you will both be saying. I'm not suggesting you script the show but rehearsing the different items will help you to bounce off each other without talking over each other etc.

    Good luck with the next show.

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    I like the idea of the show, but must agree with all that Tim and MB said before. The real content should be more important than you playing for 30 minutes in front of the camera, cause it got a bit tiring after just 3 minutes. I liked the bts of the "Why Are You Doing This", but it could include some real details of the filming process, and not just how super-master-blaster fun it was to do it (what was fun anyway...). By far the best part of the show was the actual short "Why Are You Doing This". I cant talk much about technical problems cause Im not a pro but, since you are, all care is necessary. Hope you release a 2nd show with more details on filmmaking. Good luck,

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    Hi All,

    We are streaming the new and improved Episode 2 tonight. Watch live here: or you can watch it later via YouTube here:

    Please let u know what you think of Episode 2

    Thank you!


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