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    Hi community
    i spent the last weeks some time on my home trails to shoot a video with a friend which rides a mountain unicycle. Filming wasn't easy because i don't wanted to carry the glidecam with my eos 550d and the rode videomic pro around with me the whole day, so i shoot mostly freehand and stabilized the footage in after effects..

    Hope you like the video, here some more information:

    Camera: Canon eos 550d mit magic lantern and cinestyle
    Equipment: Hague mmc steadycam, Rode Videomic pro
    Edit: After Effects
    Colored: Davinci Resolve lite

    A feedback what you liked and (important) what you don't liked would be really helpful for me...

    Greetings Fabian
    Shibby for life, chill for sleep...

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    Apart from the shot around 2:17, which looked out of place to all the other shots. It could have been used near the end as the rider is riding off into the sunset etc.. So apart from that shot I really thought you made a good job of this, a good variety of shots, cut quite well with pleasant music.

    Yep, I think you did a good job.

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    This is the best VFX Ive ever seen!!! Pepole with monocycles going downhill???? No way!!! Ok, seriously now.... I liked the shots and the editing. Not my music style, but Im old! The subject is quite interesting too....

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