Dear Editor,

Do you want to earn money by editing videos?

Viedit is the place where youíre connected to persons who want to have their videos edited. You cannot only earn money with this, but also get your creative work rated and recognized.

Firstly, create a profile on Viedit. Then, you can set your own prices per movie length, select the genres and themes with which you can work and choose the languages in which your client can contact you.

Viedit matches your profile with worldwide demand of customers. When there is a customer request matching your profile, you can accept the project and start editing the customerís video into a beautiful movie from your own work place, with your own tools and whenever you want!

Viedit was launched on June 14th in beta, so you can start right away.

Feel free to ask any questions and share any ideas with us that could improve our website. If there are any technical errors, please let us know via Twitter (@viedit_editor), Facebook or E-mail (