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Thread: Gmail, Flash Animation, and World Corporate Domination.

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    Default Gmail, Flash Animation, and World Corporate Domination.

    I've been chillin on a gmail account for like 3 or 4 months now, and I really like it. Anyone else have one? Well, if you have one or are interested in the whole subject, I have something to show you.

    half of that is already true, now you should look at this.

    Damn, corporations and shit.
    Frank Sinatra - \"Thats Life, Biatch\"

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    You gotta laugh that has Ads by Google.

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    Analysing that as I'd analyse a video - that's way too slow. I know it's intended to be a slow-moving piece, but it's still far too slow.

    I did watch it all the way through, to see if there was any sort of conclusion at the end, but it was disappointing. It's a load of points, that read in a certain way, can be made to sound eerily propetic, yet in reality could just be a good guess. I mean, two large corporations merging to form one? Not exactly a new idea really! (Googlezon? c'mon! be a bit more imaginative)

    (Oh, and I do use Gmail )

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