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Thread: Have you ever had a dance with a hoverfly ?

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    Default Have you ever had a dance with a hoverfly ?

    Have you ever had a dance with a hoverfly ?

    I found a great way to practise quick fire manual focus. I was stood (camera hand held) a few feet away from him, fully zoomed in with a 300mm lens, iris fully open. He would hold position for a couple of seconds then move sideways or up or down by a few inches right out of shot so I had to be quick. We danced around for 10 minutes, Some times as soon as I pointed the lens at him he would move so I then had to re-locate him try and find focus then snap him.

    Although this shot isn't perfect I found it really was good practise for getting quick focus to catch pets or children and other fast moving objects.

    Next time I'll remember to press the video record button.


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    Nice n sharp! 1 out of 1,000?
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Ha Ha, well one out of a couple of dozen.

    I really thought it was good focusing practise, am I the only one that does this sort of thing ?

    Does anyone have any other "good" ideas to improve camera technique ?

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    No but I've had a dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

    (You've got to be a fan of the first Batman film to get that one)

    Midnight, you're not the only one to do "exercises" and play games like that, fun ain't it?

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    Nice picture! Manual focus exercises??? What is manual focus????

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    I didn't post this looking for complements about my picture, It's really good enough. I was hoping to start a discussion about what other "exercises" others do to improve camera technique.

    Off topic, Tony did you move down south the get away from the troubles ?

    Rob, I use that phrase before I murder all my victims.

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    I have lots of experience of unfocused photos. This was doubtless due to the lack of exercises which MB is considering. However, I now own a compact (not slr) camera. It has a large display screen and the usual auto-focus functions. It can also perform auto-tracking. By pressing a finger on the screen, the camera can told which area to focus on; and with auto-tracking enabled, the camera (attempts) to follow the object if it moves, whist maintaining the auto focus.
    I mention all this, not because it is perfect; but I have now been able to get hugely better results than I have ever done before. And the camera focuses alot fast and accurately than I could do manually.
    I suspect the issue is more difficult with a movie (as opposed to a 'stills') camera. Although my Pana DMC-TZ20 can take 'movies', the auto-tracking function cannot be used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Off topic, Tony did you move down south the get away from the troubles
    Hi MB.... I didn“t move to the south yet... We“re planning to move away from Sćo Paulo or (better) from Brazil. The social ethos crisis here is so, so huge, that we“re loosing hope for a better future to our little girls. Of course these symptoms are worse when living in big cities, hence the option to move south, for smaller towns where some good habits and trust still exists. I spent 10 days in a small town there during the paddling trip (portrayed on the Camaquć movie posted here), and I LOVED it.... Nice people, no crazy traffic, children playing like children and NOT dressed like Barbies (!), etc.... The downside is that the fastest net connection available is 10mb!! I wish I had the courage to move away from Brazil, but that is a big step that got bigger when the girls were born 8 years ago.... You“re probably getting some news about the manifestations here. They are 99.99% pacific, although the news love to show the 0.001% of people throwing rocks.... But they are real, and against the most corrupt government we ever had in 500 years... Maybe some violence will grow if real changes don“t come soon. Just received this video below about Rio yesterday: 91% pacific now!
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    A powerful video. I just wish the people in this country would wake up the the corruption going on in this country. I get from what I've seen, that it is a very organic and mostly peaceful protest with very high numbers.

    I wish you and the the rest of Brazil luck.

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