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    Hi to the forum I've just spent the last couple of hours watching some of the videos and reading posts, even commenting on a couple. Wow. I feel a little out of my depth. A little in awe of the obvious experience. And even more inspired to continue the path I've started out on. So thanks for that

    So here goes. I've been writing and recording music for several years now using Cubase. Even teaching Music Technology for several years. After a hiatus of maybe 10 years I have started to experiment with music making again. To that end I just bought a i7 3770k etc with the intent of learning to make music videos to the tracks I write. The principles are similar to music making anyway. ie: A timeline and layers of creative content. I guess the only guidelines I set for myself were to stay away from the cliche band in the studio, the band on stage etc ...

    I don't yet own a decent HD camera so I have to find 99% of my footage. Just as audio sampling inspired me so the idea of video sampling interests me. To this end I can get on with learning to video edit and think about compositing ideas until I can capture my own stuff later on. I've been working on 4 or 5 ideas for the last few months and have now finally completed a first something that I feel is in the right direction. Most of the videos I will do, will be to original material but this track is part of a few classic track remix ideas I have.

    I hope it's okay posting it here. As I wouldn't really call it a fan video as it's more of a creative exercise.

    Please feel free to comment. I need as much positive criticism as possible to help me keep moving forward. Respect. Tez

    Bob Marley Exodus - The Capt Tez Remix and Video 1080p HD - YouTube

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    Don't really know what to say. it kept me entertained. I enjoyed the compositing and thought you did a good job of it. The problem with a music video is you have to fill a certain amount of time consequently I felt development was a little slow and ran out of steam by th first musical pause. I think this (in a more compressed) could have been a very good 30 sec - 1 min piece as an introduction to a documentary about anthropology, for instance. I wonder how much of the entertainment value I got from it was down to familiarity with the music.

    With my pedant hat on - be careful of innaccurate statements presented as facts. "Everyone born outside of Africa is directly decended from this Exodus" would mean that no Africans left the continent after the Exodus, which i imagine is not true.

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    I agree with Tim. Adding a narrative to a music video will hold the viewers attention better. You did that with this video plus familiarity with the song helps. I recommend you keep at this and develop your own style, just as you have a musical style you will learn to develop your own video style.

    I would love for you to shoot your own footage that way your creative juices can really flow.

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    Hi Tim and Midnight, thanks for your comments. I'll take them on board. I do think the familiarity with the tune adds to the viewing potential. Although a few people have said they don't like the mix but thought the visuals were great. I was very aware of the wording and struggled with it for a few days and wasn't completely satisfied with it. All in all though I'm happy with the reactions I've had. Unfortunately after spending out on this new machine it will be quite a while before I can seriously look at a camera. Meanwhile stock footage and found stuff will hopefully help me learn to edit and learn the terminology etc.

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