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Thread: Green Screen advice - Sony Vegas 11

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    Default Green Screen advice - Sony Vegas 11

    Hi all,

    First post on here!

    OK so I have a video on the main video track on Sony Vegas 11. This shot is hand held and moves about a fair bit.

    I have now successfully added a green screen effect on the video track above - however as it is static it does not work with the hand held shot.

    How can I get the green screen track to move seamlessly with the hand held shot on the track below?

    Hope this makes sense - any help would be superb.
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    Oh dear, this requires motion tracking, which Sony Vegas doesn't have. The only way I know of, to do it in Vegas, is to use the pan/crop tool or the track motion and adjust it by hand frame by frame. This is a long and trick job to get right. I would be easier to re-shoot the green screen with the camera on a tripod.

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    I think you should have "Stabalise Media" (select, rt click= menu). but my experience of this is, it zooms-in - so what you see is less picture. . . . Agree a re-shoot may be far easier . . . it's a harsh learn.

    Alternatively, you could try editing out the worst bits, perhaps?

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    Any chance you could post a short snippet of what you are hassling with?


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