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    i have a video production company. i get most of my sales by hitting the streets and going business to business with a quick pitch. i was out with a friend of mine and he thought i should put together a step-by-step training video with live footage of me in action. if you have your own video business - is this something you would be interested in seeing? my wife thinks it would bore people to tears but i think some would find it useful. thoughts?

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    Isn't the problem that almost all Business needs are different? This is partly because their products are different, but also their customer-base will be different. OR is the video to be given to their existing customers? - for example to showcase a new Service, or to gain some feedback on lack-lustre existing offerings...?

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    The common need that they all share is that customer need to know that they exist. All that other stuff, vidmanners, I'm sure is part of the pitch......I hope....Lol

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    i think some would find it useful. thoughts?
    It all depends on the content. If it's useful to other videographers then yes it would be interesting. There are a tone of tutorial videos on YouTube but a lot of them are rubbish. As you are a pro it would be good to see you in action. I'm not sure it would be of interest to anyone outside the video circle. One thing it can do is get you a good reputation, increase your on line profile and help with search engine optimisation etc...


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