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Thread: STAKED -TV pilot episode

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    Default STAKED -TV pilot episode

    A Vampire tv pilot I did. Set in Scotland and shot on the Canon 5d m2 with 2 lights! Shot in 3 days!

    I was a creator, director and editor - tried to keep it all very basic and simple due to the time frame of the shoot.

    I did feel I needed serious help in the edit!


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    oh - just to say, this is not for young kids! Adult humor.

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    OK. Honesty is what you'll get here. Hope you're ready
    I watched the first 10 minutes - may watch some more later.
    I liked the idea, the characters, the humour and the script.
    I thought that the filming - the angles, the technical aspects, the lghting, the audio quality etc was excellent and consistent.
    I liked the script.
    I thought the acting was very good. The characters were believable and played naturally and looked the parts (well the doctor could have done with a couple more years but ...)
    I liked the script ...

    ... but ... (you knew it was coming)

    ... this may change later in the film ... but ...

    ... I got bored!

    It is not (so far) a film. It is a good script. It reads well. the dialogue is natural. So why isn't it a book?

    It is not a visual script. It does not need to be filmed. It works just as well as a radio play (and there are some excellent radio plays).

    It just needs something (and I wonder if there IS anything) to keep someone watching.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, because you've done a very good job.

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    Well at 12 mins a really entertaining character appears. Did the best I could for the time and money I had (none). Not really sure what you mean by, does it really need to be filmed! Does anything? Grateful for your thoughts, hope you make it to the baleout remix! (The end).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan g View Post
    Not really sure what you mean by, does it really need to be filmed! Does anything?
    Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. To my mind (and I don't believe I'm unique or at all original in this thought), for something to need to be shown on video/film, the visuals should really be necessary. "Show, not tell" is a phrase you may have come across The whole story (as far as I have come across so far) and be understood without needing to see the screen. OK, nearly. The one exception, albeit important, is the bite
    As I say, I enjoy the characters and I like the humour, and it's well made and acted - so I'll definitely be watching more.

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    Thank for posting. I agree with TimS's point about a 'radio play'.
    I only watched a few mins. I was reminded of films which are made from Stage plays. They are made using the original script, and directors do what they can to enhance the script with cinemagraphic (and not 'stage') elements.
    Whilst I thought the clip (the parts I saw) is a fine piece of work; I was left wondering why; for example, the opening batchroom scene lasted over 2 mins. In that time, I felt had learnt very little, other than his state of mind and his toilet habits. At that point, as with any TV program or film, I may easily start wondering if I want to see it all.

    I suspect when editing, you may have truly benefited from some help, or at least to get some objective opinions. It is not easy doing everything yourself.
    I look forward to seeing your next production.
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    I get what your saying, though I think INCEPTION would make a good book! Imaging your own visuals! We were going the Kevin Smith and CLERKS style, funny dialogue and good characters - and personally I think we beat CLERKS in most areas, especially technically.

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    Yeah the first three minutes is the weakest, think it picks up at the doctors and the story and humour gets going. Cheers for the thoughts, keep them coming - I have just started on the next project ( early days!). Learning my lessons for this one.

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    Disagree, INCEPTION all has the same routine when jumping a level, the drug, the head gear, not as complex a movie as people think ( to me, anyway ) .The script is surprisingly simplistic, not a film I rate as highly as most people, a stunning piece of work but the concept for me needed more work. The script, having read them both several times is nowhere near the league of the THE DARK KNIGHT (In my opinion).

    Anyway cheers for the thought on STAKED.

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    Peeing with the toilet seat down Ahhh ! The lighting in the bathroom scene was wrong it was lit for a night scene but it was day time. Same with the bedroom scene why would she try and sleep with the light on. You should have use 5200K bulbs. This would be a totally different look. Seeing the note on his friends door with the wobbly camera moving to it after he leaves wasn't right. It should have been an over the shoulder shot focused on the note or similar. Doing it this way distracts from the story and pulls the viewer out of the story as it reminds the viewer they are watching a movie.

    Again in the doctors, the tungsten lighting wasn't right. I love the doctor very funny. Ok 10 mins in at the shop and it seems like all the internal shots used tungsten lighting so I won't keep going on about it.

    On the audio side it was mostly ok but when the actors talked quietly it was had to make out what they said. The lack of very much sound track made those times when there was some music stick out. I understand this was done deliberately but I think the piece generally lacked a soundscape. This would have helped, if done correctly, to raise the emotional impact of the piece and compensate from the general slow story line and editing style/pace.

    Having said all that I think you did a really terrific job with this and should be very proud of the result.

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