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    Hi admin sorry not sure where to post this question ,folks im desperate for some help here please , we are a small new filming company that have this year started to make ends meet and build a client base , we advertise are Dvds of all forms of motorsport via our wensite , facebook , twitter and by leaflets when at an event filming , we this year have gained Car motorsport clubs in the area we are , previous year we had every Motorcycle club in our area / County , i have been contacting business to see if they would be interested in advertising on our covers and on the end of our Dvds' , we have a company that is interested and are asking for a price now we sold 200ish units last year this year with new clubs coming on board it looks brighter , my question is what do i charge them ? what price do i give them ? how do i even workout a price ? in reality we would really like them onboard with us and would offer free advertising as i believe this would help us in the long haul , please has anyone got any advice for me
    thanks in advance folks

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    I understand this is a hard thing to work out. First rule of business is to cover your costs and I mean all your costs this includes admin and finance costs. Even if it's just 50p to send them an invoice but more likely bank interest standing the invoice value until it's paid. I presume you will be filming something for them, this cost must be covered I would offer them an initial charge to cover this cost then once you have the advert you can can offer them a second run of DVDs at a cheaper rate.

    You are in business to make money so you have to add some profit to the deal. This part is up to you in terms of weighing up how much you think is fair with the added benefit of having them on board. I also, when pricing jobs, take into account the size of the business. A large business will not flinch at 1000+ to produce a 30 second filmed advert even if it's only going to a few hundred targeted audience, you could offer them the advert for their website/YouTube channel. If it's a smaller business I would half the price and still be able to cover my small one man band overheads.

    If you are looking at just putting an ad on the DVD cover I'd be looking for a couple of hundred quid. Something around 1 to 1.50 per DVD.

    I hope these rough pointers help you out. My consultancy fee is in the post.

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    Hi Midnight

    Many thanks for your prompt and full reply i really appreciate your time many thanks , we fil sporting events and they wish us to advertise their product on the end and on the cover , what ive done is tell them its up for bidding as we have a few companies interested and it will goto the highest bidder , in all honesty we would like to have anyone on board as it would benefit us too i think in the long haul id would be happy with 50p per event because we are going there to film anyway mind you id be happy with 50p hour in wages too i will make sure i turn the numbers on my gate upsidedown so the postman gets confused as at 50p an hour it will take me a long time to get enough to pay your invoice lol

    seriously many thanks mate

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