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Thread: ok new file,can this one be salvaged it picks up earlier

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    Question ok new file,can this one be salvaged it picks up earlier

    you can hear the two ladies clearly talking about hiding tablets and so on then they exit in to the loud street im hoping i can locate there voice frequencies and isolate them and follow it through the wav/mp3 file is this possible i add that on the loud street its just brief because they part ways and go shopping! so the whole file after a while is null and void. so whats the verdict?

    thanks for the help and insight still a lost cause what software does the CIA use lol?
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    Perhaps someone with forensic audio experience could do something with this but I doubt anyone like that is part of this forum but what do I know.

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    Firstly, I recommend removing all the 'bass' frequencies (I might suggest removing anything below 200htz). Then, I might use a compressor to reduce the dynamic range (i.e. reduce the difference between the soft and loud places). I have not examined it fully, but suspect some of the loud speech is clipped and will therefore appear distorted. Discerning the actual words spoken is best done by someone who is used to that particular regional accent.
    Many apps (including the popular Windows app 'Audacity') could be used to clean it up. Choosing the software is easier than learning how to use it. But my suggestions may be enough for the OP.

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    thanks timandrews for your help I will attempt to do that with audacity appreciate it

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