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    Hi all,

    Am turning my musical direction to composing for film, if anybody is looking for original music please get in touch with me! I am looking to write music for specific media, rather than just listing music for you to choose from. Links are listed below.

    Media Notes is the new project from Matthew Griffiths, a talented musician from Newquay, Cornwall UK. Matthew has spent years writing music with various bands, artists and as a solo musician. With the talents of playing piano, guitar, bass, drums and violin, Matthew is now writing beautiful original compositions specifically for film and television. For more information please or call 07944614229

    Media Notes

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    Good luck in finding a suitable demand . . .I think the problem may be being lucky that a film is at the right-stage to need your talents - and that you and the Director get on, at a personal level.
    You are suggesting that you want to make music for a specific film (As I read it), and not a mix that folk can choose from . . . yet it is far easier for potential filmmakers to check the content of a CD/DVD and then get in contact, at least having some idea of the genre you are happy with.
    Why not make a Royalty-free CD? It will be fun and you should be able to Sell it - then you'll get the feedback. Some individuals create free tracks which are relatively short - and presumably if a film needs a theme, that ould be heard in snatches throughout the story.

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