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Thread: Help identify VHS artifacts shown in screens

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    Default Help identify VHS artifacts shown in screens

    Hello guys.
    I got a problem and because my primary language is not english, i don't know how to describe it and search for an answer.
    What i am trying to do, is save material from old, defectively recorded VHS tapes to my PC's hard drive in a format which is good for viewing. I have tried many things on improving the quality of those old records, but there is one thing I can't get rid of.

    Here you see the picture i get in any video player and no mater what i try or re-encode, it's always like this:

    When i add this video to Sony Vegas 9, the artifacts dissapear while playing and appear again while paused:
    Screen here:

    If anyone has a solution on how get rid of those artifacts, or a corect description of them in english, i will be very thankful.

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    Ahh remember that problem well, one of the heads on the VCR is dirty and that is worked out by the fact it only happens when in pause.
    it could also be if the machine is old, the head is wearing and needs replacing or tweeking if you know what you are doing.

    Try fast forward and rewinding while in play mode r use a head cleaner

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    Thanks for a fast response.
    I think I wrote it wrong, Z Cheema. Those videos were already recorded a long time ago and original tapes are not available anymore. I just accidentally opened one of them in Vegas, and saw that it can play them without those artifacts and now i have a hope to make them play like that on any player. Tomorrow im going to play with deinterlacing to remove or replace one frame, if that could be because of defective head.

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    if the de-interlacing does not work, try >>

    Right click CLIP> Properties and change the Under Sample rate to .5, this will give it a cine film look but might work.
    If it does then copy and Paste Attributes to all the other clips.

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