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    Lightbulb Multicamera Editing Tips

    I'm rather new to film making, and I'm making a documentary. A large part of it is interview footage, which I recorded with multiple cameras. Now, I am beginning the process of editing it (using Premiere Pro CS6) and I am wondering if anyone has tips they'd like to share specifically about multicamera editing, preferably, though any tips will do. For example, should I try to keep the interview subject's head in the same part of the frame from all angles, or change it up?
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    I don't think the place of the head is important to keep in the same position. The important thing to think about with framing is things like the rule of thirds. If they are looking to the right then make sure the subject is to the left of screen so there is more screen space for them to be looking into. line the eyes up on the top third of the screen etc...

    My work flow and I'm not saying this is how it should be done, would be to line up all the footage one camera per track not forgetting the separate audio if there is one. Then work out where you want to make you cuts, I tend to not make a cut in the middle of a sentence unless the subject matter requires it.

    I don't think there are really any hard and fast rules about this, I think most people just work out the best way for themselves to do it.

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    I wonder if Op isn't going to have Filmic Overload?
    Sorry this started to get a tad long - on the aesthetics of head-placing, I think it is right to maintain the eye-line (two speakers can be in different directions), and maybe that includes Size of shot, although a wide shot can be useful, if the words are fluffed.

    As they say: - you shouldn't notice the Edit . . . .

    Hope that helps . . . . you did ask.
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