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Thread: Car Crashes on Rassian Road

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    Exclamation Car Crashes on Rassian Road

    In this post I want to put the video of the accident in Russia. Would like to know your opinion, it's interesting you see such posts, if I will continue to post such news.
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    The camera appears well stabilised. The YouTube clip appears to have a black border around it, for some reason. I found the windscreen wipers at the bottom of the screen to be distracting. I would prefer the date (bottom right of screen) to be shown in a format which clearly describes the date and month.
    I enjoyed seeing the car across the pedestrian crossing. I was reminded of the cover of a Beatles album.
    Perhaps the clip should be shown in reverse, to make the scene more enjoyable to watch.
    The green (top right) text "xDevice" means nothing to me.

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