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Thread: Prosumer camcorder for iMac\FCPX use

  1. Default Prosumer camcorder for iMac\FCPX use

    Hello everyone.

    I just purchased an i7 iMac, quad core\32GB RAM that I will be using with FCPX.
    I'm looking for a camcorder in the $400 to $600 range that will give me the best options.
    Recording in 24p is a must.
    I will be outputting to DVD but still want the option to output to blue-ray eventually.

    Any suggestions?

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    You don't have to record 24fps for Bluray disks. If you want 24fps for how it looks fine but you will be restricting your choice of recorder at that price range.

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    Why 24fps?

    The only reason for filming at 24fps is if you are going to transfer it to film.

    Edit: Sorry midnight, posted without seeing yours. Great minds... and all that.
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    I was hoping to see something that demonstrates the exclusive features of the gh3 (Post#4), - - - but as I see it, the content could have been taken on anything decent. - Could BigmanJoe give us a blow by blow of the gh3

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    Sorry can't watch in HD,
    - - - and whilst the BlackMagic might technically be the best you will ever need (or similar). IMHO it's a beast! Very heavy and by the time you've got it working you've spent upwards of 5k. Great for making a serious film, but for most amateurs, just telling a story - it's way over the top.
    Do you know how much a fully equipped rig weighs?

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    I wanted to record in 24p to get that film look. Could I just use a plugin in fcpx?

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    I think I just need to be a bit more clear on this.
    You know how when you record with a camcorder it has that live, too sharp, camcordy feel to it.
    I want to know how to reacord footage so that it has that "TV" quality, that smoothness to it so it doesn't look like it was recorded with a camcorder.
    Is that a result of the camcorder itself, the NLE or a little of both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    If you are will spend to spend a little more you could get a gh3. It Will let you record 60 fps at 50mbps and at 24 and 30 fps it will let you record at 72 mbps. It is the best camera for video at that price. To get any thing that compares to it you would have to spend $3,000. The gh3 is only a little more than $1,000.

    This was shot on a gh3
    Ahh the DSLR vs. Camcorder.
    Hmmm I've thought about that but I'd have to get some rig with the DSLR to steady the footage. Recording video on a DSLR is very shaky without some sort of tripod, etc. is it not?

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    Is taking video on a GH3 shaky when recording by hand?

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    You know how when you record with a camcorder it has that live, too sharp, camcorder feel to it.
    You will probably find this is more to do with how the camera captures an image using a high shutter speed. ANY camera that is capable of manual settings can give you the look you want, when you learn how the different settings affect the image. For example, if you want a narrow depth of field. Zoom right into the subject and open the iris fully open. Have the subject away from the background. This will give you an in focus subject and an out of focus background.

    As you can see it's not about what camera you have it's about the ratio of distance between objects and setting the camera to deal with the look you want. You could just as easily get a wide depth of field with the subject in the same place by moving the camera forward and zooming out and closing down the iris.

    One factor in this is how big or "close looking" do you want your background in relation to the subject but that along with the one camera factor that will have a bearing in getting a shallow depth of field, which is to do with the size of the sensor but lets not get too technical at this stage.

    It's very easy to fall into the trap of "this camera will give you the film look" but just recognise that as PR hype. The camera operator and lighting will give you the look you want. The camera is just a tool to achieve it.

    The GH3 is a great DLSR for it's price range but you will need some lens on top of that. Lenses are the most important investment you will make in videography/photography so buy wisely.

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