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    So, I'm looking to work on more graphic design style videos, such as

    And I'm wondering whether, for my next laptop which I should be able to buy in a few days, if I should sacrifice specs for screen dimensions.

    I'm stuck between

    HP Geek Squad Certified Refurbished ENVY 15.6" Laptop 6GB Memory GCRF-C2L91UA#AB - Best Buy


    HP Pavilion g7-2235dx 17.3" Laptop Computer Refurbished - Sparkling Black C3Q74UAR#ABA - Micro Center

    Price really isn't a factor here, just wondering if it'd be better to go for the 15.6" with better specs for faster editing, or the 17" for lesser speeds, but more windows space for programs like Sony Vegas or After Effects. :/


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    Don't use Laptops, but video editing needs a powerful PC - look for one with quad-core hyperthreaded and a separate graphics card. Some Editors (like Vegas Pro) can use the Graphics processor for Rendering and this vastly improves Render-times. As to screen, I guess you should choose the one which is "sharper" - as this will help cut out those parts of a clip that don't match-up. Also, I'd rec. you get one with an HDMI port for using a large-screen TV... when you can. Look also for fast-USB-3 port and a Bonus would be a SDHC card-slot.

    You said Price wasn't an issue . . . so check out the Battery-options. Low power consumption doesn't go hand-in hand with powerful processing, so thermal-management might be worth checking, too.

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