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    Even with the excellent assortment of different angles of shots etc., the video still lasts too long, by 3 mins I'd seen everything. Apart from that a nice looking piece.

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    Sorry, I have to agree with Midnight. Whilst it was excellently filmed a montage without a narrative should be 2 mins tops (IMHO)
    I think you knew it was running out of steam a bit as you introduced one or two effects which weren't really complementary to the video.

    On thing you could think about, to give this some sort of narrative, is if you ahve a lot of footage of one or two people say one guy approaching the bouncy tightrope thing, doing increasingly impressive tricks then walking away and maybe another similar set of shots of a cyclist doing the same, you could build a story around small sections of their "story", intercutting the shots of other people. This would give you the opportunity to show all the best bits of all the others, plus your excellent cutaway shots, but also keep the viewer wonderng what the two key characters (or one key character) are doing next - like a running story throughout the montage.

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    aha i understand wat you meand yes is mice idea thanks

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    I agree with Midnight and Tim about the length. It was propably not too long for someone really interested in seeing it, but for bit more random viewer like me it felt like extended version of a shorter and easier to approach video. Something you might see posted after the "main" video, after noticing you still had much good material that just didn't fit into the duration of the shorter one.

    One thing I was curious about is the pretty strong vignette/dark edges. Is it something that was added in post? If that's the case, it looks a bit strong in my eye. I have bad habbit of overdoing vignettes myself, but in few shots it seemed to reach very far into the center of the footage. Not particularly the darkness, but the reach of it.

    Overall it was still very nicely done. I liked the varied arsenal of transitions you used.

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