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    So I've just recently started pulling my tapes from a concert where we had 6 cameras rolling. We only taped the stage shot in 16:9 and I'm having problems turning it into a letterbox.

    How do I go about importing/exporting this one video to keep the 16:9? I've never used this scenario before and need help! All is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    What software are you using?

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    Were the rest of the cams set up to use 4:3?

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    Adobe Premiere Pro and yes the other 5 cameras were shot in 4:3...thanks for any help.

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    If it was my choice, I'd simply add the 16:9 footage to the 4:3 project. This will simply chop of the areas to the left and right. My reasoning is that mixing the two would look a tad naff in the final product.

    If you do want black bars at the top and bottom (and therefore display the "entire" 16:9 footage), simply set the scale in the effects controls of the 16:9 footage to 76.

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    How do I get to where I set the scale? I know where the effects are, but which one am I suppose to use to set it to 76? Thanks for all your help!

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    Click on the clip, then select Effect Controls from Monitor Window. Expand the motion settting, and adjust scale.

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    I rescaled the 16:9 to 76 and now I'm getting this...

    Again, thanks for your time!

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    The 16:9 footage is now how I'd expect it to be in relation to the 4:3.

    But... you've got the wrong aspect ratio for both the 16:9 and 4:3 footage: they both should be stretched out. What project settings are you using and does it look ok in the preview window?

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    So I've stretched to look right in the preview, but it seems like a lot of quality is lost now when I export it and put it at full screen...

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