Hi. I am looking at every site related to video conversion to digital. Digital video has been around for some time know. Only just recently there has been the development of harddrive devices for video application.
I wonder, with so many professional cameras still in use in the analog world, one would think the conversion of these cameras would be feasable. Is there a device you would know about to convert the analog directly to the hard drive such as the Firestore by Videonics. So far, I'm only familiar with converters for use with desk top application. I would prefer bypassing the analog tape and get the video straight from the camera where the resolution is almost twice that of the super video tape. I shoot in Hi-8. The answer to retrofitting analog cameras could be made possible with this hard drives. I wrote the manufacture and haven't recieved a response as of yet. Those of us who love our dependable pro-cameras need this technology which could save us thousands of dolllars of new purchases.