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    Been a while since I posted something, here I am

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    We watched your video you ever watch anybody elses videos here? Do you ever contribute anything?
    This forum is collapsing because people like you just use it to get extra views for your YouTube Channel & don't give anything back!
    We could tell you what we thought of your video but that wouldn't change anything would it?

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    Yep, you posted 'something', mission accomplished I guess.

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    Well done. I thought it was better than earlier clips.
    There were less repetitious scenes or effects. Seems you took trouble to try to keep the viewers attention by including lots of fx. The closing credits look silly - as they are far more pleasant to see than the rest of the clip. I suggest you tone down the final credits; so as not to detract the viewer from your principle work. And take care about 'flashing' sccenes, some are acceptable; some transitions are very jarring on the eye.
    I am hoping your next one will contain a story of some kind; because otherwise I will get bored simply watching lots of special fx joined together.

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