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Thread: Projects - trying to save HDD space...

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    Default Projects - trying to save HDD space...

    So far I import my SDHC clips to a second internal HDD in a folder corresponding to the card ID, which I scratch on (paint now). When I start a project I copy/paste all video/sound-effects/VO/Music to the created folder (under Film-Projects) . . . then in Vegas Movie Studio, when I "Import Media" this is done from the Project folder only. The So-called "Master Copy" isn't touched, unless I need it, or to add new clips as the SDHC card fills up.

    However, I'm realising that I may be copying vids for little purpose, as I have two external HDD drives and these have copies of the "Master" files, so, unused clips are 3x and any Project clips 4x copied.
    --- - I wonder if anyone can suggest how I could make a "Reference to the source" the same way I understand Video Editors do.... e.g. when I "Save my Project" I'm saving instructions - Only at Rendering stage does the video-file become involved and that's a transitory copy.

    Quality - these are digital copies, so no degradation . . . but making Project files as well might seem like copy-overload, and the space could be better used. However, I do like the arrangement of seeing items in the project folder - it looks tidier like that, somehow. Also, some "projects are called "Soon-xxx" where I may plan to collect clips to make something longer-term - eg whenever I visit relative who live somewhere nice.
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    It all depends who important you feel the video is. I have a project copy of the masters files on an internal media drive and an archive copy on an external drive. I always place these in separate projects folders with sub folders for other media I might use for the project. I do this before I even consider deleting anything from the camera media. In fact I usually leave the camera media until I do my next shoot. I don't see the point in having two copies on the same drive this seems a bit of a waste of space to me. BUT like I said at first it all depends on how important the media is to you.

    I then work on and finish the project. Keeping a copy of the finished video on a separate HDD with the project file and have a copy of these on an external drive for back up.

    Having a possible use later file is not necessary for me as I know all my footage very well so if I want a shot of a bird I know where to go for it etc.

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    Unless I'm musunderstanding you vidmanners, you only have TWO copies of any source files on your hard drives: the files you downloaded from the SDHC card and the copy of those files you make at the start of the project.
    I tend to copy all my stuff from tape or SDHC to a folder on a loca hard drive called simply "captures" which has sub folders based loosely on date (eg "2013-03-04 Elise's Birthday")
    I regularly back up that "capture" folder to another internal hard disk which I then remove to a different location. Hard drive caddies make this easy. Every now and then I'll take an archive copy of the captures of files I've now finished with.
    So, at any given time I'll have my captures on the local hard drive and a second hard drive which is not in the PC. The second copy should ideally be off-site and if it was business I'd be a bit more concientious about this.

    I reformat any SDHC cards all the time, but i have a drawer full of MiniDV tapes which i never overwrite.

    Importing into Vegas does not create additional copies.

    Using Sony Media Manager or the new tagging facility in Vegas is plenty good enough for keeping track of media.

    It sounds to me like you have only two copies of anythong on hard disk, like me. That is the minimum a responsible adult should have

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    Thankyou for the quick replies, seems folk are doing much the same, with some variations.

    I wrote: - - - "...realising that I may be copying vids for little purpose, as I have two external HDD drives and these have copies of the "Master files", so, unused clips are 3x and any Project clips 4x copied...."

    My PC does have three internal HDD drives, one is virtually full, one contains OS (Win7, 32b) with quite a bit "spare" =good thing too, as many programs (er, like Vegas MS) insist on dumping files on the C-drive, although it is possible to change destination I feel it is too embedded (now) to change. The other is used for projects, Master copies and so on . . . .

    There are two other drives that hold Master Copies, one is USB3 and the other is eSATA which was "data-tops" before USB3 came along.. ... I had to buy an PCI card to upgrade from USB2 on the MBO. Also on these external drives are Rendered HD films -&- DVD-prepared compilations, just in case Hollywood needs a few fillers.
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