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Thread: HI Newbie - Help required.

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    Default HI Newbie - Help required.

    Hi first off I am new here and to editing kind of.... (so be gentle)

    I need to get a laptop to use for work and capable of doing my editing ... I have a limited budget of £600 max , 710 Euro or $910

    I guess I am looking for i7 processor? HDMI output, DVD re writer (some sort of graphics card?)
    I do not want a Sony or Acer, I would have another Toshobia... Any help Sugestions?
    Please give links to models / available in the UK if possible

    I am not that great with all those numbers and spec (I am not a i.t. wizz kid)....
    I start looking and it gets too much after looking at a few models. I go to the shop (PC World) and I get the impression all they do is read the spec sheet back to me.

    +To be honest Editing is a necessity not a hobby. I can not afford to pay a pro to edit, and in fact the footage I produce is not really worth the cost in my opinion...
    I would love nothing more than to get to a crew of people with the latest kit to do the filming for me but it's just not viable, my interests
    (the content - extreme type sports) are so expensive... this is just to document.

    My requirement, I now use a go pro black edition which is running at 1080p but offers 1440p and is crisp which I think is due to frame rate maybe?...
    is definitely giving this budget current laptop a hard time compared to my HD hand held camera which is very clear too...(I am using Cyber Link Editor)

    here's an example (don't laugh)
    Silverstone 2013 - YouTube


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    I need to get a laptop to use for work and capable of doing my editing ... I have a limited budget of £600 max , 710 Euro or $910

    so far this is what I have come up with L855-188 laptop
    Toshiba L855-188 Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 6Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Laptop - Ice Silver Metal
    is £650 pushing the budget - trying to find out hard driver speed, maybe this is the one?

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    See if your budget will stretch to a sold state drive instead of a normal hard drive the difference in performance is great.

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    Thanks for the reply...

    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    See if your budget will stretch to a sold state drive instead of a normal hard drive the difference in performance is great.
    I would love to stretch my budget - the more you spend the better the spec... for not much more I could see 12GB or ram instead of 6Gb + better graphics card.
    I was looking for 72OO rpm too but not in my price range it seems.

    I did read solid state does not like be re-written to many times? this makes no sense to me
    - Makes this tricky... I do not understand what I am looking at completely like an expert would, so now having to learn and research not to be caught out by Mr sales man

    I would love a decent setup - but it is a purchase for work, so will look excess (cost) just to do admin for what we do... The video editing is barely used at work.

    So I think the laptop above is perhaps a good compromise vs cost?- starting to get bored of cross referencing spec sheets
    - everything I do.... seems to turn into some sort of new hobby through having to learn about it.. this is going that way too..

    Think I just Need to win the lotto

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    You could add a SSD some time later and it may improve things, but I don't think its good value until prices fall.

    However, whilst yr proposed spec read good, I don't see anything about the video-card . . this is important as most Editors can use the Graphics chip to improve Render times significantly . . . there's a very impressive Webinar on Sony Creative website on this (prob. dated 2112 - DYOR). Also check that the laptop will run cool - Video-editing/rendering can take a while and you don't want the processor to go into slow-mode to reduce chip-temperature.
    For this reason alone a desktop is usually far better value, and you can use yr TV (via HDMI?) . . . as Monitor.Of course, I understand the "convenience" of a Laptop, easy to carry about - but battery life is still a tricky subject.

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    Default -

    Sorted - thanks... new laptop on the way, waiting a few weeks I got one for the same price slightly better spec

    Should be man enough....

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