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Thread: Video editing noob: How does one create a video compilation with staggered frames?

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    Exclamation Video editing noob: How does one create a video compilation with staggered frames?

    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering.. I've never considered myself much of a video editor, but have just started a new project with some friends..
    We were wondering if there was an easy way to create videos with staggered frames? Say we have like 100 short clips, loosely related to eachother, but completely different in terms of actual pixel content.
    So, how would one go about mixing them staggered? That is, instead of entire clip 1 playing, then fading into entire clip 2, then entire clip 3 etc; we're trying to get frame 1 from clip 1, then frame 1 from clip 2, then frame 1 from clip 3 etc, through all the clips, then starting at frame 2 from clip 1 again, then frame 2 from clip 2, then frame 2 from clip 3 and so forth and so on.. So that the final video is just a completely nonsensical, subliminal mess of all the clips playing at once; without crossfading or transparent opacity etc, but each individual frame after eachother.
    I only have some shitty editor named VideoPad, where one would have to manually cut out every frame from all the clips to achieve this, which would take several years..

    I hope some of you can help!
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    Not entirely clear, but you may be thinking of Picture in Picture, where one film is running with another in a frame (which can be frameless I understand). This is in Vegas "Movie Studio" particularly good value IMHO( eg 35 for v12 Suite version-Amazon DYOR). However, I'm not sure if you can have several PIP's at the same time...don't see why not, but your PC will struggle to Preview this in realtime. However, after Rendering (which can take a while), it will play OK from a DVD/BD player onto yr TV.

    The snag of course that the Audience doesn't know which frame to watch . . they can become confused, you know what's on each clip, but they wont - and the Audio will become disjointed as yr eye is attracted to the brightest clip (in general).

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks. I'll try to get hold of a copy of Vegas and test it.
    Confusion is the general goal with this, hehe.. You won't be able recognize any coherency consciously, but maybe subliminally

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    The description suggests that frames from the clips are to be interpolated with other, full screen. Doing that would, as the OP suggests, could take hours.
    I suspect the end results won't have the required effects. At 30ftps, it would mean the scene changes every 30th of a second. This will give a flickering effect which may not look attractive. It may produce more pleasing effects if each section lasts more than 1 frame. However; experimenting with the number of frames would, using standard video software still take a long time to do manually. Ideally, the solution would partly automate the huge task.
    I can think of 3 ways to do this.
    (1) Use the extremely expensive 'Adobe After Effects'. With each of the videos on different layers, a few 'Expressions' (mathematical/logical rules) could change the opacity of layers, dependent on the frame number.
    (2) Convert all the videos to sequences of PNG (or JPG) files. Then use a clever file renaming system to create a new sequence of images. Then load that new collection of images back into the video editing software.
    (3) Use the free FFMPEG to create some cunning scripts.(I am not sure how to do that, but suspect it is possible).

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    Hmm, thanks! I think number 2 there sounds like a good idea And yes, it's not meant to look attractive; it's just a psychedelic experiment.
    I thought about how you could occasionally sneak in subliminal pictures in a coherent video, then I just started wondering what would happen if one created a video of ONLY subliminal clips..
    Might just be a boring mess, or spasmic triumph, haha..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enthe0s View Post
    Might just be a boring mess
    If you succeed, please post a URL here, so we can learn what it looks like.

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