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    We seem to be back here after a long absence & can't believe how quiet it is...we dont like quiet!
    Our band Death by Guitar broke up in 2012 after 3 years but in March this year we thought lets make some fun videos for our fave tracks & put them on YouTube to show the world what they missed! haha!
    We made 11, theyre only for Youtube, they're not perfect, they're just meant to be they're meant to make you smile.
    This one was done mostly from out takes from an earlier video.
    Death by Guitar - Rock n Roll Heaven - YouTube

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    You certainly achieved all your missions.

    Good fun pop band.

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    I agree with Stripe. One question I have about the green screening. I noticed one of the puppets is green with blue hair. What colour back ground did you use to shoot this ?

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    Just listened with the cans turned up loud. This is a great track!
    I love your ironic lyrics and you reflect them nicely in your videos.
    I wet myself (OK nearly wet myself) when I saw the pictures of the drugs.
    My only thought was that the video was struggling a bit to keep going to the end of the track (the only bad thing about which I would say was the fade out - I migt have been inclined to use the "Mission Contol" concept again as the instruments drop out one at a time)

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    Considering I actually came back for a third listen, I guess it's high time I actually leave comment (silence is a cardinal sin of mine).

    If your goal was to entertain, you were successfull. I liked the song. I believe the video was not supposed to be fine art, but it had it's moments and did convey the message of you having having fun while doing it. I don't think the idea of video really carried through the whole song, as I did feel like listening the whole song but I found myself inching to open new tab towards the end and continue browsing while listening.

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    Thank you all for watching.
    It was done with a blue screen Midnight Blue. We only have 2 puppets Derek & Domino, so we needed to create 2 more characters for the video.
    Derek put on a leather jacket & became Duane while Domino sat in Make Up with the Secondary Colour Corrector & had her red hair dyed blue!
    We're so glad you really liked the song Tim, it was one of the best we did!
    & we're also pleased you commented on the lyrics, as we always tried hard to lift them out of the disposable nonsense that normally passes for rock lyrics.
    If your lyrics tell a funny little story then you have a lot of material for your video.
    It is a long song SSCinema & it was quite a challenge to make a video that length with puppets, so we understand how you got a bit bored by the end. But it was all done from old footage we had, so we were even more limited in what we could actually do!
    Our favourite bit was the James Bond intro even though it was unrelated to the rest of it! That's the trouble with 3 people making a video ... you end up with too many ideas.

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    A fun song and a witty video. Certainly of the same entertaining level as your last few videos.
    I thought the puppets were quite well done, but felt I could see areas where I sensed you were getting bored with the hell of masking. I also recognise the difference of not having so many shots of humans (as you had in earlier clips).
    Even so, there was an deliberate attempt to captivate the viewer's attention(i.e. discourage the viewer from looking or glancing away from the screen during the clip). To a large extent, I think that worked generally; but may lose some momentum when a clip or scene is repeated.

    Personally, I would consider other methods of using puppets. Now I think of it, I would love to see a collaberation between yourselves and "Zey the Mouse".

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    Loved it! The video was good fun and track was painfully catchy!
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    Thank you both for watching. You're right about the masking Tim was awful to do & we gave up on getting it perfect. I don't think we will ever do another puppet video! 2 is enough.
    We always try very hard to keep people's attention & not lose it but music videos sort of demand you repeat some bits as the song repeats itself (choruses etc) so its a bit of a compromise.

    Who is "Zey the Mouse"?

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