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Thread: Newbie question.... Where to find royalty free video clips

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    Default Newbie question.... Where to find royalty free video clips

    I am a computer programmer and I am creating a demonstration video of one of my products. I am interested in finding a short clip of either a man or a woman sitting at a computer and acting frustrated that it is not working.

    I will be doing a voice over on this clip, so sound is not important.

    I know there are lots of places to find royalty free music, but what about royalty free video clips ?

    Any suggestions ?

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    Hi, There are Royalty-free clips, but they tend to be "general interest" cityscapes, cars, holiday resorts - sometimes thought they will have a copyright watermark as they are previews for a HD clip which will cost money.

    Are you wanting several (as a series, perhaps to add differentiation/interest.? )
    I think you should approach a local Film-Making club, who could run a tutorial on "making the Tutorial" for example. That way you'll get expert lighting, acting, VO audio etc . . which will be the right length, content, etc.
    A small donation, means you can ask again . . . .

    Fact is that with camcorders being cheap, it is often easier to create your own footage . . .that is except flying over Victoria Falls . . . but then anyone with that will probably want to be paid, to offset their travel.
    However, DIY Is likely to be fraught and will show in the presentation.
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    As Vidmanners has suggested there are loads of stock footage websites, Just Google "stock footage", you may even find some free stuff. I did a quick search and found THIS in 2 mins so it's easy to find. It's just finding the perfect clip for what you want that might take some time.

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    If only my wife filmed me editing my last film on the 30th of may! on this laptop (freeze, crash, re-boot, save, freeze crash) - that would look genuine!
    could maybe do another short film, do you want the person to turn into the hulk, hit the computer with a hammer - swear at it and throw it out the window?... hook me up to a Blood Pressure monitor! hence time for a new laptop.

    sorry a bit random - good luck with your search for your royalty free footage... I think you could get that fairly easy in an office on a bad day!
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    Ha Ha, We've all been there Karlos.

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