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    Hello guys, I am new here.

    So basically last week my video editor has decided to resign from his job. So I thought why not I learn video editing myself since I have the graphic card and processing power to finish up a high quality video.

    Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament DotA 2 Announcement - YouTube

    However, I have 0 knowledge and 0 experience in video editing. I just installed Sony Vegas and I'm still playing around with it. So I'm looking at editing video trailers like this type:
    So for example, the background (cloudy bg), how did he do that? Also the effects and other stuff. Can anyone explain to me the whole 1 minute process of creating this trailer?

    Thank you so much!

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    Look at my site for tutorials and links to tutorials, plus tips

    If it helps you then consider the donate button.

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