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    Default Wedding Videogrpaher

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a videographer for a wedding in August and I know there's some talented folks on here. I'm handling the post production as it's for a friend so I just need to know your day rate, how much of the wedding you cover for that, what kind of kit you've got and if you're free on the 3rd August. It's in the Southend-on-sea area.



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    Depending on the dates, I could be available and provide a filming only service.

    I am based in Essex and have been filming for over 20 years

    Cost depends on coverage, location & any extra equipment required.

    mail or call me or see my site for details and samples.

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    A sign of the times when long experienced producers are having to offer day rate services for weddings in the height of summer. It use to be that July and August were booked out at least a year in advance. I too have found that over the last three years people are booking much closer to the time of their wedding and looking for cheaper deals and avoiding the long duration commitment to one particular videographer. Yes there are still those who want the services of a particular operator and will book early but many, many more don't really mind who films for them as long at it will be inexpensive.

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    It is indeed, but market forces prevail.

    Neither have responded

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    Neither have responded
    That is, perhaps, more disappointing than the fact you could be available.
    (actually i'd have thought a quick gig without commitment to the days of editing might be quite handy if your other weekends are all take up filming).
    No brotherhood of videographers then :(

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    The only time I will ever 'film only' is to help an established operator out who's a man down.
    Filming for clients to edit could be very damaging to reputations, as many would be editors could make something 'orrible out of the day's work.
    I guess for many who have been producing wedding DVDs for the 'cheaper' end of the market are now struggling and approaches like those above, where corners are being cut to shave money will be getting more common.

    We're still in a fortunate position mainly because we targeted the high end weddings around 10 years ago and as we all know many of the top end in society aren't even aware there is a recession.
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

    Ex A.P.V Videomaker of the year - Ex M.M. IOV Come join my EXclusive club

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    Photographer yes, but not videophotographer, sorry
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    I still have some dates available, and don't mind filming to let someone else edit.

    I can understand Zero's comment as we all have a style, and we shoot too the style we edit, were as filming for filmings sake with no idea of what the editor requires so have to play safe and just do the bog standard shots.

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    Really sorry not to respond to this. I haven't checked in in a while and I thought I'd have received a notification, for some reason I didn't. I did manage to find someone in the end.

    I'm by no means experienced with weddings, but I've done a few now and a lot of people's attitudes towards wedding videos is; hire a photographer and wait to see closer to the time, often last minute, to see if we can afford a videographer. It's sad because it often means the end product isn't as good because they haven't dedicated enough time and money to it. But that's just me, perhaps you more experienced wedding videographers get the clients who mean business.

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    Hi, I am just the client you have described earlier, leaving the wedding videographer to the last minute once I’ve made sure everything else is paid off, and then paying the high price in sorrow… My priority was that all guests are fed and watered and have a good time and only then did the video came in to the budgeting list. Fortunately my photographer was phenomenal and her photos will be making me smile for many years to come. But that is not why I’m bothering you. My videographer has completely failed in any way possible but to arrive, and I wish I’ve never bothered, money wasted. I still have not received the full DVD, months after the ceremony and the demos he’s been sending me are so incredibly bad it’s hard to describe. This I will have to live with, but what I refuse to accept is the fact that he is publishing our ceremony (which was private) on Utube against my will. I’ve researched the internet high and low, and got the idea that if I’ve hired him for a service, and did not sign any disclaimer, then I am the owner of this video and he has no right to commercially publish it without my permission, but I can’t find any information on how to enforce taking it off. He is completely ignoring me and more than likely laughs in my nave face. My insurer is not interested. Please help guys, what can I do?

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