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    Hi, a new website will be up in a few days dedicated to video editing, there will be a forum which you guys can go on and tell us what you are having trouble with or even show us your work. There will also be a chance for you to battle with other users and out do each other in editing, in the the forum 'Clash of the editors'. The site will be up in the next few days. the adress will be www.unsolicited.spam.

    :: First off, this is in the wrong place. Pimp your link if you like, but not in forum announcements. Secondly, that site sounds awfully like this one. Ask Marc how hard it's been to build this site up to the size it is just now, and keep people here. 99% of your posts will be spam posts (but you won't mind them, right?) and people asking one question, and never even bothering to return for an answer. I'm sure everyone here wishes you all the luck in the world, but it's pretty cheeky to try and "poach" members from a rival site. - mrlipring

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    You go, lippy

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    I've a feeling we'll be seeing this happen a lot more: so many people getting into viditing, so many people wanting to cash in on ad revenue.

    I put in some silly amount of time on the forums. Less than 50% of that is actually answering posts. I have to pay for the hosting, keep the software updated, search for news, write articles... get loads of spam. But I've told you all this a million times.

    filmdude, you posted on wrigleyvideo and the response you got from the regulars was, "all the best, but we've already got this site... why would we want to go to yours?".

    I received an email the other day asking if I'd let him link to his video editing forums in pimp the link. I replied and essentially asked him what he would do if, after 3 years of building up his site, someone came along and wanted to cash in on your efforts...

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