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Thread: Slovenia, Osp - Climbing Trip 2012.

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    Smile Slovenia, Osp - Climbing Trip 2012.

    Hello everyone,
    My friends and I have been free climbing for over a year now, and we have visited Slovenia and climbed in three locations, Osp, Crni Kal and Misja Pec.
    We had two GoPro cameras, Hero and Hero2. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this and would like to hear some opinions. Btw, this is the first video I edited.

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    For your first video, I think you did a good job with this. Lots of different angles etc. all help to keep the interest of the viewer. The only issue is that it's a bit long for the general viewer like me.

    It looks like you all had a good time.

    Well done.

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    Next time you do this please include many more shots that give the close-up/point of view shots some sort of context. They will be far more effective.
    Seeing a load of rock close up and a hand or a foot searching for a purchase is far more effective if set next to a shot showing the climber on the rock from a distance.
    What i'm getting at is there were far too few of the shots like the few from 3:11 and 3:46 (these are also good in that they are basically steady which contrasts well with the movement in the POV shots) and far too many of the shots like 0:46. Also too many of those close-ups edited together is nausea inducing - especially when viewed full screen.
    I liked the fact you introduced the gang at the beginning - it might have been nice to stick their names up in captions so we feel a tad more involved with them (and maybe stick their names up again in particularly tricky arts of the climb)
    A GoPro doesn't only do excellent POV shots

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    @Midnight Blue: We had a blast

    @TimStannard: I understand and I agree, but that kind of filming would take a lot more effort. For instance, when shooting a climber from ground, you can see him ok when he's close to the ground, but when he goes up couple meters, then all you can film is their bottom. Similar problem is with filming from above. The only solution is to film hanging from the ropes (we had maybe few shots like this) but that has other problems like you need extra rope and gear which is expensive + the guy filming and the one belaying him would not be able to climb and since we are all new climbers, we wanted to climb as much as we can. Filming was second, and the price is that we had too much head filmed footage.

    Thanks for your replies guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SciCtrl View Post
    Filming was second, and the price is that we had too much head filmed footage
    That won't last. If you get the bug, you'll quickly find filming is first.

    On a serious note, a bit of planning and experience will mean you get all the shots you need with minimum of interference. You can get a huge variety of shots in a short amount of space - it just means taking maximum advantage of the time and space available. When filming, I'm aways thinking of
    • how I will piece the footage together,
    • what angles, types, length and variety of shots I need, and
    • when will I have time to get some food

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