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    I am a music composer and producer.

    I compose custom and royalty free music in a large variety of styles: Cinematic, emotional, rock, electronic, pop, etc.

    You can listen to my portfolio of available royalty free music on AudioJungle at the following address:

    Fegender's Portfolio | AudioJungle

    Feel free to come often as I upload new tracks on a regular basis.

    Please contact me if you have questions or requests for your projects.

    Thank you for listening,


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    There is a new track in my portfolio:

    Dark Rock

    Dark rock is an energetic track that combines electronic sounds, drums and heavy distorted guitars with a haunting piano melody. Very useful for trailers and dynamic project.

    The zip file contains the main track plus 4 loops of individual parts (Intro, Verse, Bridge 1 and 2)

    Thank you for listening,


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    There are new tracks in my portfolio:


    A beautiful, uplifting and epic composition. Verity starts with a piano theme joined by strings and Irish tin whistle. Inspiring strings complete the track and it ends with an epic part with horns. This track will be perfect for your trailers and emotional projects.


    A simple but inspiring melody, a piano repetitive theme, some powerful chords and beautiful but subtle strings. This is what Believing is about. Beauty, serenity and inspiration for your projects, presentations and videos.

    Thank you for listening,

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    it's been a while I did not posted an update here and I have some more tracks in my portfolio on (new free of charge track will arrive soon)

    Reverie (Romantic piano and strings)
    Hope remains (Dramatic cinematic)
    A Year in my life (Romantic piano and strings)
    Dark Rock Rising (Hybrid cinematic trailer)
    Happy Sunny morning (Corporate, guitars, upbeat)
    4 logos in the style smooth lounge
    Knights of the human kingdoms and Barbarians of the dead marshes (2 cinematic tracks illustrating 2 races for a fantasy world)
    One, two, three (Corporate, guitars, ukulele, upbeat)
    A soundflower in Paris (Corporate, guitars, ukulele, upbeat, accordion)
    Landslide victory (Pop track in the style of Muse)
    Mountain of the world (Romantic piano and cello)
    Dark Rock Insurrection (Hybrid cinematic trailer)
    Snowy Angels (Christmas inspired)
    Halloween (Halloween track with piano and orchestra)

    Hope you will like them and remember that there is a completely free of charge track available on my website here

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