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    I've had issues with an Update to DVDAS a while ago, all sorted by Sony, bless 'em.
    So, now I "Prepare" my DVD Renders (from HD), and then burn the DVD (which is quite fast by comparison), as this stops me burning a faulty render...I hope.
    Recently, when playing the "prepared file" ...VOB files I think....the aspect ratio is wrong (4:3 guess), but the sound and Edits are OK. it's obvious with text that it's being's isn't removing the side-bits.
    [ the same effect occurs on Earlier "prepared files" - and these made good DVDs - so this FAULT may have been present for some while, but normally I go straight to Burning, if/when the Render completes.]

    Taking a gamble today, I burnt the latest one to DVD - it plays OK at 16:9 on my Telly. Goody!

    The odd thing is that looking at "Properties" at the various stages within DVDAS it says, PAL, 25fps and 16:9 - yet what is in the folder looks wrong, as described. So, I'm left wondering where the Aspect ratio is fallinig down . . . .
    I checked my PC Media Player; WMPHC and could find no "settings" as such, so I guess it takes its cue from whatever is played.....

    It's not a problem IF the final Disc is OK, but means I can't really check for Aspect Ratio, knowing it starts out Wrong... very odd.

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    I would agree that the issue is with the media player. When you make a .vob file for a DVD, it is anamorphic (rectangular pixels) you can read all about it HERE. Some media players don't alway get this and squash the image to make the pixels square. With WMP in the options, on the DVD tab click on the Advanced button and you will see a bucket load of different settings and options to choose from.

    See if playing around in there helps.

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