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Thread: Strange Phasing Effect on Rendering

  1. Default Strange Phasing Effect on Rendering

    We have always found uploading our music videos to Youtube works best with rendering to mp4 in Sony Vegas using the Main Concept AVC/AAC.
    But something has gone wrong with our latest one, when we render to mp4 we get a strange phasing effect on the guitars. We've checked there are no effects on the audio track in Vegas & there is only the one audio track on the timeline.
    If we render to avi or wmv the audio is fine but unfortunately the video is not so good & when we upload in wmv to YouTube the audio/video are out of sync.
    So we would really like to stick to mp4!

    The song is a wave file as its put into Vegas & we can see its being converted to something called aac when its rendered.

    Please does anyone have any tips how we can change the settings or something to get rid of this phasing effect?

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    No expert on this, and from yr Post, it reads like nothing (else) has changed . . .
    - have you tried converting that Audio before putting into Vegas? - - That way you could check the conversion beforehand.... It may be down to the conversion being unsuited to the waveform it's dealing with. ( but seems unlikely, as music is full of strange waveforms. ).
    An alternative might be to use plain solo-guitar, or piano music with the same settings and listen for similar effects. Whilst this is no cure it might help pinpoint what might be a "fix".

    Has anyone complained?
    Have you tried different playback amps+ Speakers+ rooms?

    EDIT . . . . Good point Stripe, perhaps OP should examine the "Properties" of the incoming Media (esp. the Guitar track) and then look at "Properties" once Rendered, etc.
    Even if "Match Media" is checked, it can't match them if pairs are different, I'm guessing.....
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    And just to add, are the guitars playing all through the track, or isolated parts?

    If it's all the way through, then that would point to maybe a bit rate or 44khz/48khz mismatch?

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    Thank you both for your replies.
    It's an old song & Tina the guitarist can't remember how she recorded the guitar part but it has 2 identical rhythm guitar parts playing through the song panned hard left & right.
    In the verses this phasing effect starts happening to them them after rendering.
    Anyway I thought I would try changing the render from 44.1khz to 48 but that didnt work but when I changed from 128 khz to 192 khz it improved a lot.
    I don't know why & I don't totally understand what Ive done but thankyou for suggesting it...(If that was what you were suggesting I do!)
    Now I'm worried that Youtube will make it happen again when they get hold of it!!

    Stripe is that a sock puppet for your avatar? he looks really bad tempered!

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    Lol, I love his expression, I guess it could be seen as grumpy, but I see some sort of disdain, I think it reminds me of myself when I had a desk job

    Hard left and right, hmmm that's kinda 'spectrumy' isn't it, like khz cover spectrum I think. I'm deffo no expert.

    Usually when strange things happen it's because I took a wander into custom settings and clicked something I shouldn't of, then I forget until days later, and then I tell myself not to do that anymore!

    I think your next experiment would have to be in an audio editor, outside of sony. That may tell you what the original khz was. If you re-save the wave file at 96 or whatever, and it sounds ok, it may act properly when reimported into Sony as a completely new file - that sort of thing.
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    Oh this is so frustrating, we don't know enough to sort it out!
    It's still not good enough to upload it. We can't change the mix, it was done some years ago in a program we no longer use.
    The original wave file says it is 44.1 khz & sorry but we don't know what you mean by resave at 96??
    Since we discovered panning Tina's guitars hard left & right gave her an enormous sound weve always done that & it's never been a problem before.
    We just can't understand why the audio is fine rendering to avi or wmv but not mp4?

    We've read Youtube recommends mp4 video with mp3 or aac audio can we render to mp3 audio, we dont seem to have that option?
    We know it sounds ok in mp3.
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    Back in the day, I always seemed to have tremendous issues with sound files. I always found that a quick and dirty way to fix a whole variety of issues was to export the sound as WAV and then import this back into the project. Always worked a charm for me. Why not give it a go?

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    Thanks for the tip Marc but it's even worse like that! :o

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    If you have an mp3 of it, why not import the mp3 into vegas?

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    I would use "mediainfo" or (perhaps GSPOT) to identify more details about the original WAV. Not only the sample rate (which you already may know), but the number of bits in each sample (perhaps 8, 16, 24 or 32), and the format of the WAV file (e.g. PCM (little/signed) or whether compressed/uncompressed. Perhaps Vegas does not like every different variation of the WAV file format. Then I would ask someone else with the same video software to see if it happens to them.

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