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Thread: TV DVD Vs Computer DVD

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    Default TV DVD Vs Computer DVD

    Well - long time since I posted a note. After much fretting and money I finally bought the software and converted by Premier 5 Video to MPEG - HOORAH. Then - you probably all know this - it would only play on computers not on the TV - apparently my brand new DVD player/writer can't read MPEG Files. so.......after 3 months now have a great MPEG video that only I can watch on my computer.

    So..thought I'd try putting the video from Premier back on the Camcorder and try to save it to the TV DVD that way. Looks fine - links beautifully but stops after 15 mins (the video is 35 minutes long).

    So.... I'm still here ....still trying but haven't really moved forwards has anyone got any suggestions please. I have followed everything on here to help me get to the MPEG stage but find nothing is really posted about just putting the thing on a DVD that will play on the it because this is a bit naff because it's all I ever wanted to that I can bore my friends.

    Please please help me so that I don't lose another weekend trying to get it finished.


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    You need DVD authoring software to create the VOB and IFO files need to play the video in a standalone DVD player. These will also enable you to make a funky DVD menu and add chapters. Check out my site for a few guides, or do a search on the forums for DVD authoring... but you might want to check out DVD moviefactory 3 from Ulead which has a free 30 day trial to give you an idea of what you can create.
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    Thank you Marc you have given me hope again. I do look through all of the posts for my solutions but I then get so confused by all of the technical stuff that I'm thrown into despair and think I'll never understand it - but slowly and surely I will get there in the end and then perhaps I'll be able to help others - your answer was simple and precise and didn't make my heart sink with my lack of knowledge and intuition for all the technical work.
    Thanks again

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