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    I just started working on a recent project and i noticed when i loaded the movie and put it on the timeline instead of just having a video and an audio track it gave a video and 4 other audio tracks which controls sound effects, music in the movie, actual audio from the actors, etc. my question is how is this possible and is there a way to do this to any movie you want? i posted a screenshot as an example.
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    It is quite possible to include multiple audio tracks within some video files. I assume your software was smart enough to detect the channels, and sensibly added them onto separate tracks.
    Where did the video file come from? Examine it using an app like GSPOT; which may confirm how many audio channels it contains.

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    Looks like you had 5.1 surround sound recording turned on within the camera. Sony vegas will auto split 5.1 sound into separate channels if it was recorded that way.

    I turned my cam recording back to 2 channel, because the amount of people that could receive 5.1 is minimal, and you are just creating more work for yourself.

    It could be useful for stereo panning some of the incidental sounds that those extra channels pick up, if you ever get that deep.

    The worry is that those incidental sounds have been 'stolen' from the main 2 channels, so if you delete them rather than use them, they are gone from the main mix - but don't quote me on that

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    That read like the reaon OP has too many tracks of Audio.

    I guess 5.1 is almost in the same bag that contains 3D - good for Cinema, but pretty difficult at home, where the Misses doesn't like wire, boxes, etc. and the dog ate the last pair of specs.

    Incidently, I watched "Django Unchained" at a local cinema and half way through some blighter brought a dog into the cinema (I was near the doors at the back). As I turned round, the door was lit, but the dogs were on the Film - a most disturbing effect when your brain is hearing sounds that haven't yet been on-screen. They sounded like big dogs too.!

    I think it's in France where odd noises on a TV are indicated by an on-screen marker . . . so for example, if a telephone rings that's not in close-up (say), the screen marker lets you relax and continue watching.
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