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Thread: HDV Signal: Broken Fire Wire Problem

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    Hey guys I'm sure that I'm not the first guy to experience this problem but if your fire wire is broken then what options do we have with regards to getting our video footage off our cameras ? I know that I can

    • Record footage via the A/V component socket on my Sony A1E camcorder "NB: Standard Def / no HDV Signal"
    • Buy the expensive Sony GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman "HDV Signalf"
    • Buy another HDV Camcorder "NB: HDV Signal again I simply just insert DV tapes etc....

    So has any one else got any ideas on what it is that we can do ?


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    Apart from borrowing or renting an HDV camcorder/Deck, I think you've covered the options - assuming a repair is not possible.

    You may get a broken HDV camcorder on eBay - where the lens or sensor has failed but the read/write mechanism and HDV out still work.

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    Good Call I never thought of that Tim

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