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Thread: Home movie freezing on standalone dvd player

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    Default Home movie freezing on standalone dvd player


    I'm having a problem which I hope someone can help with.

    I've created a home movie from camcorder footage in Premier pro, exported it using pluginpac frameserver into tmpgenc plus 2.5.

    I've encoded it using the default settingsfrom avi to mpeg 2(m2v i think), then I've used tmpgenc dvd author to create the dvd files and burned it using the same program.

    The finished DVD is of good quality and plays fine on the PC but freezes quite a lot in the same places on my Cyberhome ADL528.

    I've tried encoding it using intervideo wincoder but for some reason it stops encoding after 1 hr 22 mins wheras the footage is 1 hr 44 mins long. When using wincoder the finished dvd doesn't freeze on the player.

    Is there any way to increase the amount of time to 1 hr 44 mins or any known probs with my other method? A lot of options in the wincoder software are greyed out.
    The media I'm using is datawrite yellow DVD-R and my dvd writer is the pioneer 106 4x +-RW

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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    Does it freeze in instances of high "action" - just a thought, but the bitrate mught be set too high...
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