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Thread: 20th Century fox, THX logos

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    Default 20th Century fox, THX logos

    What is the best way to do a introduction logo, like you see at the start of movies (20th Century fox, Universal, THX etc) I dont wnt somthing to complicated but somthing fairly cool but simple.

    thanks in advance
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    probably in a 3d package such as lightwave or 3d studio max, am pretty sure you can get a free trial.
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    u could make something interesting using photoshop combined with image ready to animate fades etc of parts of a logo, output to quicktime and insert to premiere to add music or more effects
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    thats really helpful thanks guys, the problem is, i am no good at those programs, it took me long enough to figure out premier (and that was just installing it) i dont suppose i can be extremely cheeky and ask if any of you would be able to do me a basic animation (it could even make a good challenge). All the logo is to say is "SUNBURNT PRODUCTIONS". I will buy you all a pint or at least mention you in my oscar speech
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    isn't it much more fun and interesting to do it yourself?
    how will you ever learn if someone else does your work?

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    very true, i will have a try
    still any artisic ideas appreciated
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    Try out Video Fun Box at

    It's cheap and you can get some interesting things out of it quite quickly - by all accounts. It's got to be worth trying the demo out.

    I've played with it for about half an hour. It does seem that all things it does are/will be variations on a single theme but it is cheap, it is cheerful, and it does work.

    The demo does not seem to procude high def though. I might have to email them about that.

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