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    Alright, I am about to go off to college andam thinking about purchasing a 17 inch G4 Powerbook. After reading tons of reviews, i think this would be a great purchase and I would also like to move on to Final Cut after many years with Adobe. However, I have one question. Apple gives you the choice to upgrade the amount of RAM the powerbook comes with. The highest is 2gb with the stock RAM as 512mb. Is 2 gb of RAM too much? I am a little tight on money and I would like the laptop to run fairly smooth and fast while editing, but could this be done with less than 2gb of RAM? If you have any other comments about the powerbook, please let me know. Any advice is appreciated.

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    because you're a little tight for money, i would thinks its best to get 1gb (no less!). However buying RAM off apple is very! expensive, thats why when i got my mac mini, i decided to only get 256mb ram, (because i was also on a tight budget) later i will be buying 1gb of RAM off this website (sorry i cant remember wat it is, when i speak to my friend he'll tell me ) and installing it myself. I dont know how easy or difficult it is to replace RAM in a PowerBook. ---go to this forum about macs, im sure someone there can help, and be more specific than me.


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    I'm sure I answered this... maybe it was something similar. Try here for RAM:


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    Yep, I agree with Mike's suggestion. You should only use Crucial RAM when it comes to Macs. The RAM that Apple uses to build their Macs uses chips manufactured by Micron, and Crucial is the sales department of Micron.

    Even in a PC, I've never had any problems with Crucial. I've used various different sticks, with varying capacity and varying speeds over the past few years, and have not encountered a single RAM-related problem. Go Crucial, you won't regret it.
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