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Thread: Mic for Tascam Dr-100?

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    Default Mic for Tascam Dr-100?

    Evening everyone,

    Currently making short web films. Got myself a canon 550d and a tascam dr-100 attached to a Rode Video Mic Pro. I don't know a great deal about sound but im pretty sure the rode video mic is limiting the sound quality of the Tascam dr-100, have problems with low volume.

    I have a boom pole and attach it all that way.

    Was just wondering what a decent mic would go with the tascam dr-100, got a decent budget, just want something of equally quality to get the most out of it.


    Edit - Its mostly out door recording

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    In my opinion you should be looking at a short shotgun microphone and a windjammer (or "Dead Cat").

    The Rode, and other chinese-made video microphones are not known for quality (with the exception of the Rode NTG3) so you should be looking at Japan (Audio Technica) USA (Shure) or Europe (Sennheiser and AKG) microphones.

    At the cheap end of the scale the Audio Technica AT875R is very good value for money.

    However the Sennheiser K6 range is probably what you should be looking at for any sort of serious videomaking.

    If you want stereo and have got a bit more to spend then the Audio Technica BP 4029 is a versatile and lovely sounding microphone.

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    Cheers for the reply.

    I can spend up to around 300-400. Im just looking for something which will match my video quality and be a decent match for the tascam dr-100. It feels like the Rode Pro Mic is really quiet, ive tried adjusting settings but it still comes out quiet, not sure whether its me or it just doesnt work properly.

    I'll take a look at some of the ones you have recommended.

    Just need something which can pick up voices out doors and dispel a lot of ambient noise, while at the same time being decent quality and loud enough.

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    At that sort of budget I really would have a look at the Sennheiser K6 range. It's at the top end of what you want to pay but it is the system of choice for a lot of videographers and regional television. The interchangeable capsules mean that you can add to it at a later stage and will be a lot, a hell of a lot "louder" than the Rodes.

    PS. Just because something has a "pro" lable, doesn't always mean that it is.

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    Hi Enaver, what puzzles me is that you've bought (or brought together?) two good pieces of kit and got something "less". First, have you checked the VideomicPro on its own? eg plug it into a known good amp/camcorder/etc. Does it need a this tested OK? (and if possible what current is the battery delivering into the mic - this might show a break, etc.). Is the Tascom OK? Presumably it can record from internal mics - how bad are these when used outdoors as you intend? Is the Tascam in Auto-mode? Whilst this is most convenient, if there is any (inaudible) HF or LF about it can cause the AGC to cut back, giving you the "quiet audio" you describe. Let's presume you have a dead cat on all outdoor mics...? . . . Finally, have you tried a trusty moving-coil mic into the Tascam, or direct into the Canon (sorry don't know- does this NOT have an audio-in... hence the Tascam option?). It might help if you can describe the outside location/event to give us a better "feel" - and what distance are you operating from the sound source? Whilst Tascam internal mics aren't particularly exotic, I'd expect them to be perfectly able when recording something like a piano - a good "difficult" subject that's easy to replicate if you take yr own sheet music. As to "quiet, can you say how much below 0db you get?

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